This is a video presentation of VrHeatTreat software in action; Parallel Processing with VrHeatTreat. This video shows how to setup 4 projects to run the four analyses: thermal, carburization, microstructure and stress, in parallel. It also shows that each process can have its own optimized time steps at different stages. This speeds up the analysis in two different ways. The first speed up is because the processes are run on different cores or different computers. The second speed up comes from using time steps for each solver that are optimized for that solver. For example, if one wishes to resolve the evolution of the carburized layer, then the carburization solver will require fine steps. However, the temperature of the part reaches the furnace temperature, the stress solver can solve in one time step up to the start of the “before Quench” stage. Simply mouse over video to access player controls. Flash Player is required to view this presentation. Click here to download free player. Enjoy!