VrCast is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2008.

VrCast will enable the designer to compute the residual stress in a casting and using the residual stress to estimate fatigue life of a casting in-service. This software will take as initial state the temperature and fraction solid of the casting after it is poured in a mold. It will compute the transient temperature, evolution of microstructure, stress, strain and displacement. Microstructure models will be available for low alloy steel, gray cast iron, ferritic nodular iron and pearlitic nodular iron.

Given a CAD file of the casting, the FEM mesh needed for the 3D transient, non-linear analysis, is computed largely automatically. The user specifies the desired number of elements or desired minimum element size.

An analysis of a casting with 500K elements usually requires 20 to 40 hours computing time on a single Intel Core 2 processor. More important, the user time to set up an analysis for a casting is usually less than one hour.

We believe that VrCast will be the best casting simulation software available.